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Fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernea), gill maggots (Ergasilus) are just some of the horrific parasites/predators, which can attack fish and are almost invisible to the naked eye.

New Parazin destroys these and other insect and crustacean parasites/predators found in aquaria. This is a unique and revolutionary product that usually only requires one dose per infestation.

For use in tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria.


  • A single dose is all that is usually required
  • Crustacean predators/parasites
  • Destroys insect and
  • "Easy to use" tablet form

Before use: Read instructions carefully. Switch off u.v. sterilisers and remove carbon and/or ammonia removers. Replace after 10 days.

Available in the following size (treatment volumes in parenthesis):-
20 tablets (450 litres)

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