Tetra - Aqua Safe


Fast dissolving Tetra AquaSafe turns tap water immediately into fish safe nature-like aquarium water.

The new formula promotes healthy water and healthy fish through a unique mix of vitamins, natural biopolymers as well as trace elements.

  • Makes tap water safe for fish
  • Neutralises harmful substances for nature-like aquarium water
  • Substances in the tap water which are harmful to fish are immediately neutralized: Chlorine and Chloramine are eliminated and heavy metals like copper, zinc and lead are bound completely by a complexing agent
  • Promotes clear and healthy water
  • Contains bio colloids for beneficial bacteria growth which supports the creation of clear water
  • Essential elements that are present in natural environments are added: Iodine for vitality, magnesium for growth and well-being
  • The optimised vitamin formula reduces stress and supports long lasting health
  • Gills and mucous membranes are protected by tangible colloid ingredients
  • Works in seconds, long lasting effect
  • Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquarium
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