Seio - Super Flow pump


Seio M820 gph - 3200 lph

Seio Super Flow Pumps offer exceptional flow rates at energy efficient wattages. These versatile pumps are ideal for reef aquaria where high water flows are essential; ranging in output form 2400lph to 10 000lph.

Each pump is supplied with multiple fittings to enable you to position your pump for optimum performance. Utilising a large outlet, the Seio Super Flow Pump does not concentrate it's water output with a small powerful stream of water. Instead the water exits the pump in a large stream (either through the direction snout or directly out of the bottom of the pump) and provides extensive water movement throughout the tank. An airflow control is provided should you wish to add a venuturi effect to the water stream.

  • Reef Tanks
  • Fish-Only Marine tanks
  • Large freshwater tanks
  • Highly populated freshwater feeder tanks
  • Shallow water environments
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