Ensures Fish Stay Healthy!


  • Keeps Pathogens Under Control
  • Keeps Fish Healthy
  • Maintains a Healthy Aquarium

Disease causing pathogens will be present in most aquariums although at low enough levels for fish not to show any symptoms. General Tonic helps to keep these pathogens under control to ensure your fish stay healthy. General tonic can also be used to disinfect live foods to prevent the introduction of disease. Harmless to filter bacteria and all species of fish and plants. Poor water quality can be the primary cause of stress and disease in fish, always use Aqua-Check test kits to monitor the water quality in your aquarium. Suitable for tropical and coldwater aquariums.

This product formulation was previously called "Diseasolve" and has been adjusted to include in the new aquarium range and re-named.

General Tonic  or Diseasolve as was is a traditional product used by trade and hobbyists for over 50 years and was designed to know you were treating by the colour of the water - if you are treating it is vivid yellow - once it fades you are no longer treating...


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