Filter Brushes 10" x 4"

We stock a large range of Kockney Koi filter brushes (basils) suitable for all your filtering requirements. They are of a semi-rigid construction with a loop at the end for easy installation. Bristles are of strong polypropylene and are easily washed by rinsing in a bucket of pond water (not chlorinated tap water, it will kill your bacteria).

They are available in the following sizes:      

Red 10" x 4" (25.4cm x 10.2cm)
Green (small) 10" x 8" (25.4cm x 20.4cm)
Green (medium) 16" x 8" (40.6cm x 20.4cm)
Green (large) 20" x 8" (50.8cm x 20.4cm)


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