Ehiem - Pickup Max;200LTRS

The small EHEIM pickup 2012 is espacially designed for small aquaria up from 100-200 l.

The filter is fitted on the aquarium glass with suction cups. With EHEIM pickup system for easy and safe maintenance.

Motor casing and cable remian in place in the aquarium while the filter compartment slides out easliy and safely for cleaning - in order to remove all dirt particles.

The EHEIM 2012 pickup comes complete with filter sponge and is ready for use. An activated carbon sponge as accessorie is available.

For aquaria up from 100 - 200 lpump output in l/h: 220-570Dimensions: 275 x 75 x 96 mmDelivery head: 0,82 mPower consumption: 230 V/50 Hz 6 W

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