Aquaray mutli-control


The TMC AquaRay MultiControl 8 unit for Multiple Aquabeam LED lights has a simple user interface making it easy to set up using the display screen.
Create sunset, sunrise, daylight and moonlight phases using a real time clock for accurate timing.
True Dawn to dusk simulation with 2 channel fade-in, fade-out Suitable for up to 8 x AquaBeam 500s or 600s, 4 x AquaBeam 1000/1500s or any combination
The 2 channels are each timed independently (6 outputs timed separately from the other 2).
Powers up to 8 AquaBeam lights with a single socket PSU.
Built-in "Storm Function" to encourage breeding in certain species.
Internal battery ensures settings are saved in the event of a power failure.
Helps to control nuisance algae by managing photo periods.
Long cable for ease of use.
Compatible with all AquaBeam products.
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