Aquabeam 600 Ultra Strip

The AquaBeam 600 Ultra is suitable for all marine aquaria and is available in four variations each using five LEDs, Marine white which uses five all white LEDs, Reef White which uses three white with two blue between. Marine Blue which has three blue LEDs and two white between and finally Reef Blue which has all five blue LEDS.

The dimensions of the housing are 490mm long, 45mm wide and 35mm deep. Using Aquabeam LED lighting, - when first switched on the lights are surprisingly bright with the high output LEDs that are used in all of the Aquabeam units. These LED units use the latest generation of CREE XR-E PowerLEDs, CREE being the manufacturer of top quality LEDs.

They have a long life (50000 hours) and unlike fluorescent tubes do not lose power over time. Like all LED lighting these will give you a fantastic shimmer effect over the aquarium making it more realistic to the reef environment. This is very difficult to show as pictures or videos do not do it justice, fortunately many aquatic shops have LED lighting on display in one form or another.

These lighting strips can be used with existing fluorescent lamps or fully replace them. Aquabeam 600 Marine White single unit Category - LED Aquarium Lighting Strips and Tiles

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