Aquabeam 600 Ultra Strip

The TMC AquaBeam 600 Ultra Strip is a pack of two lighting strips that each contain five high output LEDs. The LEDs are incredibly efficient, with a minimum lamp life of 50,000 hours and are suitable for use in all marine aquariums. One strip contains five high output Marine White LEDs and the other contains five Reef Blue LEDs.

Each of these lighting strips benefits from a re-engineered housing that has been sealed with a single rubber gasket to make them safe for use near water. They also have a wide angled beam and high light output to provide the maximum amount of light to penetrate through the water of deeper aquariums.

The stainless steel threaded inserts make direct mounting inside the aquarium hood very straight-forward. At a glance: Completely re-engineered housing, sealed with a single silicon rubber gasket.

Stainless steel threaded Two lighting strips with five LEDs each Wide angle beam Suitable for all marine aquariums High energy efficiency

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