Aquabeam 1000 HD

The TMC AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra - Reef White (without Power Controller) provides your aquarium and corals with the high levels of the essential photosynthetic light they require in order to thrive. It includes a mixture of seven14,000K white LEDs and three 50,000K blue LEDs.

The LEDs come in a sealed water-resistant casing and are the ideal alternative to metal halide fluorescent lighting. LED lighting has a minimum lamp life 50,000 hours and is a cheaper and much more energy efficient lighting method. It also penetrates the water in a way that produces a bright shimmering effect usually only seen the ocean.

The TMC Aquabeam 1000 HD Ultra - Reef White offers a versatile, compact design and is even suitable for installation in aquarium hoods. It includes heavy-duty metal mounting fixtures which make it suitable for use on a wide variety of aquariums and is even wall mountable.

This model is also suitable for use with a power controller, which can be purchased seperately.

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