Seachem Fresh Water Products


We at Neptune Aquatics we have a huge range of Seachem products avaiable to order. 

We have avaiable to order all products made by Seachem for both Reef & Tropical aquariums. 

Seachem produce many different types of products from Salt, Water Conditioners, Water Treatments, Medications, Filtration Products etc.

The Medications and Appetite & Health products are both for Tropical & Marine. The water conditioners are for both types of aquariums to help keep your reef and fresh water aquariums safe and clean.

The Tropical section of our Seachem range varys from water conditioners to keep your aquarium safe & clean to treatements for your fish. We have a range of Appetite & Health products for your fish including FreshTrace; which keps fish health & growth. There is GarlicGuard; which helps improve poorly or finicky fish. There is also a Discus & Cichlid range that helps growth & help and a water buffer. 


Please Ring/Ask in store if you want any products or want to know more information!