We sell many different size and types of bulbs for your marine tank.

We have always got many light bulbs & control units in store, however if your bulb is not witin the store please ask and we can try our best to order your required bulb for you

Below is a list of some of the bulbs we have in stock on a daily basis!

Arcadia Lights & Reflectors

We stock many different size bulbs & reflectors for every marine tank.

If we do not have your size in store please ask a member of staff & we will be sure to order your bulb in for you!

Marine White & Blue Moonlight Lamp:

15W - 450mm - 18" - £16.49

18W - 600mm - 24" - £17.49

25W - 750m - 30" - £20.49

30W - 900mm - 36" - £22.49

36W - 1200mm - 48" - £23.49

58W - 1500mm - 60" £29.99

At Neptune Aquatics we also sell many different reflectors for the bulb in your tank. We sell different size reflectors for different watt bulbs.

Please ask in store for your required relfector & our more than helpful staff will find the best one suited.

If your required one is not in store please ask for one to be order in for you!

Interpet Lights

We sell many different types of Interpet Light Bulbs for your marine tank!

If we do not have the type you want or the size your require please do not hesitate to ask in store and one of our helpful memebers of staff will order the required bulb in for you!

Sizes of bulbs (many more avaiable):

15W - 18" - £13.29

18W - 24" - £14.29

25W - 30" - £15.89

30W - 36" - £16.39

38W - 42" - £21.49

Jewel Lights

At Neptune Aquatics we also stock Jewel light bulbs for your Marine Tank.

We can also order in any bulb required for your tank if it is not in store.

Please do not hesisate to ask in store or by calling us.

TMC Led Lighting

We at Neptune Aquatics also stock a large range of Tropical Marine Center LED lighting.

Aquarium D&D LED Lighting

In Neptune Aquatics we have our marine show tank which has D&D LED Aquarium Lights.

Above shows 4 of different types of lighting. 

Below are the D&D systems we use in store, how they work & thier prices.